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Did you know that toxic mold can often go without being noticed for so long that end up doing significant damage?

When you suspect there may be mold in your home, guessing and ignoring the problem can end in disaster. It can hurt both your family's health and the structural integrity variety.

Instead of worrying, turn to ImmunoLytics, an authoritative mycology lab relied upon by environmental specialists, doctors and pharmacists to analyze mold samples. The online results we prove will help you properly evaluate potential dangers and our phone support can provide definitive answers on mold contamination.

At ImmunoLytics, we take your easy-to-use mold detector kit and use state-of-the-art analysis methods and equipment for mold identification, enabling you to combat any potential concerns head-on. We are continually studying different methods of collection and solutions to mold problems across the country to ensure we are up to date on the newest successful tactics to pass on to our customers. Our clients also enjoy the benefit of our teamwork with several other companies to develop all-natural and safe solutions for environments and buildings impacted by dangerous indoor mold.

About Us
ImmunoLytics is the leading mycology lab used by doctors, pharmacists, and environmental specialists to analyze mold samples and help evaluate patients' home, school and work environments, a vital step toward a healthier life.

We provide quality home mold detection. Our lab utilizes cutting-edge mold analysis focusing on mold identification and mold counts. Our online mold testing results system gets you results fast! If you or someone you know believes there may be dangerous mold, a test kit can help! We offer free lab testing for mold for all kits purchased from us.

Use the brand trusted by doctors!
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